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AGS Interactive


Welcome to AGS Interactive

AGS Interactive is an initiative dedicated to SAP Customers for sharing knowledge and best practices, to address the common and frequently discussed topics around Support. As part of AGS Interactive, we invite you to a series of live and interactive Webinars on such important topics.

What is an AGS Interactive Session?

Each Session is a webinar which is an interactive presentation and discussion with experts from the SAP Active Global Support (AGS) organisation, regarding important topics spanning the complete lifecycle of your IT applications.

To Participate

Please click on the Registration Link below to participate in the upcoming sessions. The login information for the session will be emailed to you, upon registration.

You can also access the recordings and presentations from past sessions under each session topic.

1st Session Topic: SAP Customer Message Fundamentals

Find out more about Customer Message Process Overview, Essential Information for Customer Messages, How to speed up the processing and resolution of Messages, Key Contacts and Links to further Learning Material.

Watch the Webcast
Recorded on July 20th, 2010

2nd Session Topic: Utilising SAP Enterprise Support in your Upgrade Projects

Find out more about how you can use SAP Enterprise Support during the Upgrade Life-cycle Phase to - evaluate technical impact and possible risks of your updgrade project, minimise downtime of productive systems and support critcal business processes during Golive.

Watch the Webcast
Recorded on October 19th, 2010


3rd Session Topic: Gain Value from Expert Guided Implementations (EGIs) in your SAP Enterprise Support Engagement

Find out more about Expert Guided Implementation, the new delivery methodoly in SAP Enterprise Support that focuses on enabling and empowering customers to execute complex activities such as Data Volume Management, Security Optimisation, Configuration of SAP Solution Manager and much more,with direct help from SAP experts.

Watch the Webcast
Recorded on March 15th, 2011

We welcome your Suggestions

Do you have any suggestions, comments or anything specific you would like to suggest, that AGS Interactive takes up in a session?

Please send us an email at AGS.Interactive@sap.com.

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