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Data Quality Webcast for
Aerospace & Defense (A&D)

Learn how A&D companies are making better decisions and taking cost out of the business by improving the quality of their product data. Eliminate duplicate work by removing redundancies and reducing the need for rework. Better serve your customers and achieve regulatory compliance with trusted mission critical data. Execute new business strategies, such as globalization, more effectively with a unified "single source of truth".
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  • Product data defining mission critical aerospace products and weapon systems evolves through complex lifecycle processes.
  • The data has multiple entry points, from paper based processes to mobile handhelds to key entry, from locations as disparate as a battle theater to a depot to a factory to a cubicle, introducing countless sources of data quality issues
  • This evolution typically spans multiple complex enterprise IT systems such as PLM, ERP and Business Intelligence platforms.
  • Data quality issues account for significant overhead expenses, regulatory issues and obstacles to new business strategies in the aerospace and defense industry.


  • Bob Palmer, Solution Principal, Enterprise Information Management, SAP Americas

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