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Optimize Your Accounts Payable Process Webcast

The pressures on State and Local Government and Higher Education Institutions to achieve more with reduced resources demands efficiency and transparency of information assets. SAP Document Access by Open Text and SAP Archiving by Open Text addresses the challenges posed by unstructured business information that is often distributed across various geographies and systems.
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How much unproductive time do employees in your organization spend each year looking for missing reports, key documents, e-mails authorizing an action, or computer files with information critical for making a business decision or verifying a corporate action? Streamlining business processes through effective management of relevant business content is essential in today’s work environment. Additionally, new government and regulatory compliance mandates require increasing process transparency and costly records retention.


  • Provide a single point of access for all business information notwithstanding distributed systems and geographic origins. Bring together unstructured data in a systematic method and improve employee productivity and accuracy.
  • Reduce storage and administration costs by archiving older data while maintaining security and accessibility. Get more out of your IT infrastructure with improved performance, faster upgrades and reduced administration by capturing electronic and paper content in a secure archive, while maintaining easy accessibility with lower-cost storage media.
  • Improve process transparency and information management, to better adhere to document tracking and retention requirements. Eliminate exposures to fines, penalties and loss of business that may occur due to stringent compliance regulations.
  • Eliminate information silos and the need for resource-intensive manual procedures, postal mail, express delivery services, and paper archives. The SAP Document Access application by Open Text enables you to improve employee productivity, reduce costs of doing business, and improve accuracy.


  • Tom Walker, Portfolio Manager, SAP Accounts Payable Solution, Open Text Corp.
  • Louis W. Zeidman, Regional Sales Manager, Open Text Corp.
  • Ron Hurt, Center of Excellence, SAP Americas

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