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Gaining More Value From More Data Sources Webcast -- Business Intelligence for K-12 Institutions

SAP BusinessObjects solutions let you deliver interactive insight to any user when they want it and reduce cost of ownership with a single standardized BI solution. Business Intelligence tools enable organizations to manage programs to meet program, public and economic objectives and outcomes; deliver full accountability and transparency; make timely awards and contracts with maximum performance and risk mitigation. Having the right technology enablement tools and solutions are key.
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Attend this webcast to learn how a large east coast city school system is using Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions to get more value from various data sources. Linda Lewis, Data Analyst will discuss how Business Intelligence Solutions from SAP BusinessObjects are used within her school district to provide critical analytic information around the key operations of the district including: Managing Student Achievement Progress, Facility Management and Finance as well as how that information is used within the different roles at the district.

See how an integrated BI solution can consolidate the BI needs across the organization and fulfill them with a single, integrated BI platform. The result: your organization can better cope with change, provide transparency and reports that will minimize the duration of decision making cycles, and significantly reduce costs while increasing efficiencies.


  • Linda Lewis, Data Analyst
  • Craig Bartel, Principal Solution Engineer, SAP Americas
  • Don Seaman, Director, Business Development, Higher Education & Research , SAP

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