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The Intelligence Future Webcast -- Simple, Seamless, Social, and Strategic

Ever since the first abacus, information technology has been an essential part of delivering timely information, staying accountable to stakeholders, reducing inefficiencies, and maintaining flexibility when faced with fast-changing environments.
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But for the first time in history, consumer-technology interfaces have been outpacing what's available to the average corporate knowledge worker.

Listen to this Webcast to understand how we can combine the best of enterprise technology and Web 2.0 to build greater visibility, transparency, and accountability into the way organizations work. Business intelligence technology must meet the demands of tomorrow's "digital natives"; integrate seamlessly with cloud data and platforms; align people, conversations, and data with business strategy; and make the most of the infrastructures we have today:

  • Simple-The right interfaces for the right people at the right time
  • Seamless-Tightly integrated with data sources, applications, and business processes
  • Social-Allow people to collaborate around analyzing information and making decisions
  • Strategic-Closing the loop between strategy and execution
Don’t miss this Webcast with Timo Elliott!


  • Timo Elliott, Senior Director of Strategic Marketing, SAP BusinessObjects Solutions, SAP Americas

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