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Rapidly Achieving Value with SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts and SAP BusinessObjects Explorer at OraSure Webcast

How OraSure empowered its business with information, access, and "on-the-fly" analysis capabilities.
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For a medical-device and diagnostic-solutions manufacturer in the small-to-midsized market, speed to insight and user empowerment are critical to staying competitive in today's challenging economy.

Thinking strategically is not only for large enterprises. Smaller companies must be nimble, do more with less, deliver value, and make decisions rapidly. Strategic planning and perfect execution are vitally important.

Hear from OraSure how the company adopted a rapid approach to trusted information delivery, transforming its sales and finance business units from IT-reliant to user empowered. You’ll also learn how OraSure aligned its analytics strategy with the needs of the business as a whole and delivered value-driven analytics to the organization in a matter of weeks.

In this Webcast, hear about OraSure’s decision process, SAP BusinessObjects solutions, time to value, and the surprising insights that OraSure executives realized on their "analytics journey."


  • The analytics challenges of small and midsized companies
  • Solving the challenge of data: Accessing it, analyzing it, and trusting the results
  • Decision to execution: The OraSure timeline
  • The landscape: Data integration, SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts packages, exploration, analysis, and insight
  • SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts packages—Questions to ask about your SAP system and what to expect
  • A vision for the future; increasing value at OraSure; mobilizing the workforce
  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer; business insights at the speed of thought
  • Conclusions


  • Scott Baker, Manager, SAP Systems, OraSure Technologies, Inc.
  • Snehanshu Shah, Senior Director, SAP BusinessObjects Center of Excellence, SAP Americas

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