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In-Memory Technology and Its Real-World Applicability Webcast

How do you empower your organization to plan smarter, run faster, and perform better? How real are real-time analytics?
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Large volumes of difficult-to-reach data, underserved users who make business decisions every day, multiple operational and reporting systems that are disconnected, and IT organizations that are overextended. These are some of the challenges that face business users at all levels – C-level executives to operational staff to line-of-business users – who need to make decisions confidently, based on facts and information they can trust.

Learn what in-memory computing is and isn’t, how this innovative technology can change the way we make business decisions, how it relates to real-time analytics, and how SAP’s in-memory solution combines both speed and mobility. Learn how insight, agility, speed, and efficiency can become the "new normal."

This session will highlight and provide demonstrations of SAP solutions such as SAP BusinessObjects Explorer software, SAP BusinessObjects Analysis software, and SAP BusinessObjects Accelerator software that you can deploy today to make this transformation.


  • The data deluge - accessing it, understanding it, using it
  • What drives business value and successful business intelligence?
  • In-memory computing: what it is and what it isn't
  • SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance software
  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, accelerated version – an in-memory foundation
  • Conclusions


  • Snehanshu Shah, Senior Director, SAP BusinessObjects Center of Excellence, SAP Americas

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