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SAP Solutions for Rapid Readiness for Defense Webcast -- Enhancing Capacity to Optimize Forces

Learn how SAP can enable your Defense organization to leverage and aggregate existing data sources to produce actionable readiness insight. Participants will learn how they can accurately capture information across the functional areas including personnel, material, training and force readiness.
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Hear from a former military planner, Lt. Gen. John E. Miller, U.S. Army (Ret.) and Dante Ricci, Solutiions Manager, SAP as they distill best practices for compressing the decision cycle in your organization.


  • Assess force readiness accurately for missions with actionable, integrated information
  • Anticipate and plan effectively to optimize the resources across units, branches, and services, in an enhanced and collaborative manner
  • Respond rapidly and efficiently to shifting asymmetrical threats and support requirements


  • John E. Miller, Lieutenant General (Retired), US Army
  • Dante Ricci, Defense Solution Management, SAP Americas

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