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SAP / AT&T Webcast -- Hosted Solutions For Smart Budgeting

Even in good times, public-sector budgeting is never painless. Government budgeting always involves tough decisions and compromises among a host of competing demands and constituencies under the lens of transparency. But the current economic climate has made decision-making all the more challenging as public officials struggle to reduce spending in areas that have the least impact on the people they serve.
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Learn from SAP

Learn why SAP Public Budget Formulation is an indispensable application for formulating budgets.

The application enables you to:

  • Optimize the allocation of scarce public resources based on accurate, timely information.
  • Streamline your budgeting processes and automate key budget outputs including budget-book publishing.
  • Focus budget staff on high-value-added activities with comprehensive software that staff members can tailor to their needs.
  • Perform "what-if" analysis of personnel expenditures to support decision-making for budget formulation, collective bargaining, and budget management.
  • Use powerful analytics, modeling, and reporting functionality to perform real-time decision-support analysis.
  • Create strategic plans and tie budgetary decisions to strategic imperatives, operational performance, or outcomes.
  • Track actual expenditures and revenues throughout the year to proactively identify fiscal trends and budgetary-compliance issues.

Learn from AT&T

Learn how AT&T, a preferred SAP Hosting Partner in North America and an SAP Global Hosting Partner, can host and manage your
SAP applications to deliver maximum value from your SAP investment.

AT&T hosted solutions for SAP enable you to:

  • Optimize network, server, and application performance for improved service delivery.
  • Free up scarce resources and transfer technology risks to AT&T.
  • Draw on the collective knowledge and best practices that the AT&T managed hosting for SAP experts offer.
  • Leverage the proven experience of AT&T to lead technology, processes, and vendor relationships.


  • Tom Byrne, Managing Member, T. Byrne & Associates
  • David Wiggins, Business Development Manager, SAP Americas
  • Eric Schmidt, Executive Director, AT&T

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