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Crucial Business Decision-Making and Becoming a Data-Driven Organization in the Small-to-Midsized Market Webcast

Learn how a technology approach can solve very real business problems that traditionally challenge IT in small and midsized companies but are simple to solve. You will also hear in the case study how IT can collaborate with the business to provide quick-time-to-value solutions.
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In this session, learn how SAP BusinessObjects Explorer and SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts can:

  • Create an atmosphere of information cooperation
  • Quickly address disparate-information issues with SAP BusinessObjects Explorer and SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts against non-SAP data
  • Provide executive and line-of-business visibility to review revenue, cost, and profit at the item level
  • Transition from an IT-dependent to a business-enabled organization
  • Eliminate "burdensome" and costly reporting mechanisms


  • A business case study
  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer in midsized companies
  • Extending information to any decision-makers
  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer architecture for any data
  • Cases for small and midsize businesses
  • Demo-SAP BusinessObjects Explorer
  • Conclusion


  • Teri Bean, Director, SAP BusinessObjects Center of Excellence, SAP Americas

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