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Enterprise Information Management Webcast -- Will it Work Here?

Despite today’s difficult economic environment, the demands upon State and Local Agencies for first-rate and transparent Citizen service are as great as ever. To keep up, the fragmented and siloed Data Management strategies of the past are evolving, and best practitioners must embrace data integration and business analytics techniques to meet the demand.
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In this GovTech/SAP session, attendees will hear from the Texas Department of Information Resources and learn how and why it transformed itself from a transactional and siloed model to an integrated one that leverages data as an asset for improved, more cost-effective operations and citizen self-service.

Also the session will discuss how today's enabling technologies and best practices are equally at home in large as well as small organizations, in mature centralized data environments or decentralized and evolving ones -- coming away with ideas on "how to make it work" for them.

Attendees will learn:

  • How agencies like the Texas Department of Information Resources is taking control of its information assets
  • Why current industry trends and economic forces make this the right time to consider data governance and Enterprise Information Management (EIM)
  • How the right technologies play a critical role in cleansing data and managing the flow of information
  • Which benefits will help you make the case to your executive management and constituents so you can move your own project forward


  • John Miri, Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government, Former Director of E-Government, State of Texas
  • Todd Kimbriel, Information Resource Manager, Texas Department of Information Resources
  • Arthur Jordan, Enterprise Information Management Solution Principal, SAP

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