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Dashboards Webcast -- Beyond the Boardroom

Gone are the days when dashboards are used only by C-level executives and the reporting is done by everyone else. Dashboards are becoming the fabric of every information-driven organization as they become more prevalent at all levels and even to customers.
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Hear how three customers executed dashboard initiatives that transformed their businesses by pushing analytics beyond the executive suite and out to entire organizations and customers. Learn how “Recall Corporation” introduced dashboards to its entire sales force in three months and dramatically improved productivity and communications. You’ll also hear how a leading Pharmacy Benefit Management Provider introduced its customer base to dashboards and within six months saved millions of dollars in customer operations. Also, you’ll learn how “SCI” is introducing dashboards to its entire workforce to streamline communications and to realize operational and tactical efficiencies throughout the multi-billion-dollar corporation.

Watch this Webcast for:
  • Real-world examples that will trigger your own business-optimization initiatives
  • Best-practice advice on making analytics compelling enough to drive decisions
  • An understanding of when dashboards make sense for your users and when they don’t
  • Advice on what it takes to develop intuitive dashboards that require no training
  • Tips on managing and transforming data—of any size, from any source—into trusted, comprehensive, and visually compelling analytics


  • Teri Bean, Business User Solutions, SAP Center of Excellence
  • Matt Hawkins, Chief Technology Officer, Kingfisher Inc.

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