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An "On-Device" Business-Intelligence Strategy for Healthcare and Public Sector Webcast

Fifty-four percent of firms that use business intelligence throughout the organization say that over half of the reports and dashboards they create within their internal BI applications are re-used for delivery to mobile BI.
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Not having access to information at the right time, no matter where you are, can have a severe impact on the mobile workforce, particularly during these volatile economic times when time-critical decisions are so important. Acting early and often can be critical, and for healthcare and public sector organizations, taking action without information can be detrimental to people and organizations alike.

Interact And Take Immediate Action

With the explosion of applications for mobile devices—games, social media, e-mail, shopping, and networking—it was only a matter of time before those same mobile devices would be able to provide business insights in new and innovative ways with visualizations and new exploration and analysis capabilities.

In this session, learn how healthcare and public sector organizations can leverage SAP BusinessObjects Mobile software to:

  • Make informed decisions with instant access to personalized information
  • Leverage existing BI investments and skills to quickly reach mobile users
  • Subscribe to relevant information
  • Receive alerts on critical events
  • Investigate problems and opportunities
  • Take immediate action with write-back and remote-process triggers
  • Access information online and offline


  • Donnie McMillan , Business Intelligence Platform Solution Principal Global Solutions Business Development/COE, SAP
  • Teri Bean, Director, SAP BI Center of Excellence

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