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Business Intelligence as a Competitive Differentiator Webcast

Business intelligence is no longer for some of the people some of the time. Powered by
in-memory technology, user-friendly querying, improved dashboards, and powerful analytics, virtually any user can slice, dice, and scrutinize business data to gain valuable insights
and make better decisions. Yet despite the promise of BI for everyone, many companies struggle to deploy business intelligence software that actually generates or sustains a competitive advantage.
Watch the Webcast

Watch this Webcast to learn how BI tools are being deployed at the line of business level and how your company can overcome the obstacles that hinder data-driven decision-making. In addition to the independent analyst perspective on trends and issues in the BI space, you’ll also hear how two dynamic companies are leveraging BI software from SAP BusinessObjects to reduce costs, delight customers, and make better decisions.

Segment 1
Is better business intelligence actually generating better corporate performance? Does every employee in every line of business need BI tools? Has the vision for business intelligence gotten ahead of the reality? Cindi Howson, independent analyst and founder of BI Scorecard, answers these and other questions.

Segment 2
Chaim Yudkowsky, CIO of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a non-profit group, shares insights into how the SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand solution is helping his organization enhance fundraising, motivate volunteers, and improve operational efficiency.

Segment 3
Televerde, a small but robust marketing organization, helps its customers attract new customers and capitalize on sales opportunities. Donna Kent, head of sales, marketing, and services at Televerde, explains how her company is leveraging solutions from SAP BusinessObjects to make marketing campaigns significantly more valuable to customers.


  • Cindi Howson, Founder, BI Scorecard
  • Chaim Yudkowsky, Chief information Officer, American Israel Public Affairs Committee
  • Donna J. Kent, Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing and Services, Televerde

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