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Best-In-Class Strategies For Information Management In Government Webcast

In a recent government survey conducted by Aberdeen Group, respondents stated that the most common challenges organizations face today are incomplete and unreliable data, and difficulty integrating new information sources.
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Join Aberdeen Group analysts Russ Klein, director of emerging technology research, and Nathaniel Rowe, research analyst in information lifecycle management, for this Webcast to learn how best-in-class organizations are adopting technologies for information capture, data integration, normalization and quality management, as well as policies and procedures that drive their top results.


  • The top information-management challenges facing the public sector today;
  • How different levels of government organizations are reacting to those challenges;
  • Best practices from Aberdeen Group research on information management in the public sector;
  • How to justify the investment in information management and the return on investment (ROI) enjoyed by best-in-class organizations; and
  • A roadmap of recommended actions for better information management.


  • Russ Klein, Director of Emerging, Technology Research, Aberdeen Group
  • Nathaniel Rowe, Research Analyst in Information Lifecycle Management, Aberdeen Group

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