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Kohler Ensures Sustainable Business Performance Webcast

Learn how Kohler has taken proactive measures to identify new key positions, groom high-potential employees, and make the most of their workforce. In this Webinar, you will learn how to identify high-impact positions, inventory your workforce, and develop a talent pipeline to ensure a powerful leadership strategy for the future.
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SAP Talent Visualization can help you extend your investment in SAP by:

  • Providing transparency into workforce data to empower strategic decision making and drive talent initiatives
  • Delivering greater talent visibility to ensure the grooming of high-potential employees and top performers into key positions
  • Aligning your talent with corporate strategy and avoiding talent gaps


  • Laura Nigbur, Director, Talent Development, Kohler Company
  • Karen Heatwole, Executive Director, HCM Center of Excellence, SAP Americas

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