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SAP Test Data Migration Server -- An Interactive Webcast and Product Demonstration

Attend this webinar to learn how with SAP Test Data Migration Server (TDMS) you can create small, easy-to-maintain non-production environments with consistent, relevant extracts of business data, minimizing infrastructure and maintenance expenses while maximizing the effectiveness and accuracy of your development, test and training activities.
Watch the Webcast

Join us for this interactive webinar to hear more about how SAP Test Data Migration Server can help you to:

  • Provide better data more frequently for testing and training
  • Create streamlined, repeatable, and low-impact processes for nonproduction
  • landscape refreshes
  • Reduce time to create system copies
  • Increase refresh regularity and reduce personnel overhead associated with system refreshes


  • Peter Keller, Solutions Director, SAP
  • John Jarvis, Business Systems Manager, Kraft Foods, Inc.

Want to learn more? Contact the SAP sales office nearest you.

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