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Enabling Organizations to Maximize Their Value Contribution Webcast

Profitability and cost management (PCM) is a key building block for corporate performance management. Performed correctly, it provides visibility into dimensions of corporate performance and allows companies to understand the true drivers of cost and profit for their organization.
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Profitability and cost management will help you gain:

  • Better visibility-Provides insight into the true drivers of cost and profitability
  • Optimization of cost and profitability-Enables action-orientated decisions
  • Alignment-Keeps operational and support functions tightly aligned
  • Incisive decision-making-Rapid identification of the underlying causes of changes in organizational cost and profitability with the capability to test out the impact of changes before committing to them


  • Paul Morel, Managing Director, Tartan Solutions
  • Laura Riesterer, Account Executive, SAP BusinessObjects

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