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Preserve Your Brand Equity With SAP Food Safety And Traceability Webcast

Join this first-ever SAP- hosted Webcast on Food Safety and Traceability to learn how you can prepare your organization. For attending, you will see an end-to-end demonstration showcasing how SAP offers a proactive approach to Food Safety. It starts with recipe formulation and goes through raw material procurement, production, sales and distribution with recall management encompassing the entire process. At each step, the focus is on how SAP comprehensively covers the pain points surrounding food safety issues today to embed safety within all activities, minimizes risk and reduces the cost of safety.
Watch the Webcast

You will learn how to ensure:

  • Your new products are compliant to regulations
  • Just safe raw material enters your warehouse
  • On-boarding suppliers fit to your high quality standards
  • Immediate reaction time to contain the affected product
  • An efficient, lower cost for compliance
  • Consistent, correct, automated food safety processes


  • Marty Etzel, Vice President Sustainability, SAP Global Marketing, SAP
  • Gary Decker, Industry Principal, Consumer Products, SAP Americas
  • Joachim Klippel, Solution Manager, Food Safety, SAP Americas
  • George Loo, Solution Advisor, SAP Americas
  • Manoj Kaippilly, IBU Specialist, SAP Americas

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