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Sustainability in Retail Webcast -- Increasing Profitability and Impacting the World

With a far-reaching ecosystem of participants, the retail industry has the opportunity to influence “green” activity and make positive inroads in carbon reduction across the globe. Hear two influential organizations discuss how their respective companies have put sustainability at the forefront of corporate responsibility and profitability, providing an end-to-end picture of what “green” means to retail.
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Understand how Walmart, the world’s largest enterprise, takes a holistic view of its business to develop goals that reduce the organization’s environmental footprint and engage its suppliers, associates and customers to achieve even greater results. Learn how SAP has instituted broad sustainability initiatives of its own to play a large role in reducing the company’s environmental impact.


  • Ken Saeckl, Co-Chairman, Sustainable Retailing Consortium
  • Matt Kistler, Senior Vice President, Sustainability, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
  • Peter Graf, Chief Sustainability Officer, Executive Vice President Sustainability Solutions, SAP

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