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SAP Invoice Management Webcast by OpenText

Learn how SAP and OpenText enabled Holcim Canada to optimize their Accounts Payable process.
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For many companies, managing invoices means time-consuming manual efforts that drain both internal and vendor resources, and often produce incomplete, inaccurate information. These things can put your business at serious risk.

This situation would be greatly improved if accounts payable (AP) staff could optimize cash flow and better manage vendor relationships without being weighed down by cumbersome manual AP processes.

Holcim Canada worked with SAP and OpenText to build a streamlined and efficient Accounts Payable process in months.

Enhancing Productivity, Cash Flow, and Vendor Relations

During the webinar, Holcim Canada will provide insight into how the company manages the accounts-payable process with SAP Invoice Management by OpenText.

From the convenience of your desk, you will learn how to:

  • Increase productivity and revenue by minimizing manual processes through integration
  • Optimize the accounts-payable (AP) process by increasing visibility of invoice status
  • Improve management of assignments by leveraging analytics to assess peaks and valleys in the workload
  • Become a dependable business partner to your suppliers with shortened invoice-to-pay cycles and accurate, timely information

Unlock Efficiencies in Your Business
To be a well-run business, your company must process vendor invoices quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Hear directly how SAP Invoice Management by OpenText can help your business manage invoice processing; meet critical payment and compliance deadlines; and avoid risks related to inaccurate business information.


  • Doug Robertson, Director Solution Support, SAP
  • Tom Walker, Portfolio Manager SAP Accounts Payable Solution, OpenText Corporation
  • Fabio Negrao, Manager Procure-to-Pay, NABS (North American Business Services)

Want to learn more? Contact the SAP sales office nearest you.

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