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Making Data Actionable and Accessible Webcast -- Deliver Accurate and Timely Data Across Your Agency

Data is an asset that is often not exploited for its full value in an organization. Because data is usually distributed in disparate data stores and multiple applications that evolved over time, the organization suffers from a fragmented and non-harmonized view of its information assets. This leads to errors in decisions based on incomplete or erroneous data, and poor execution of mission tasks because of less-than-optimal operational data.
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In order to fully leverage the value of the information assets of the organization, an approach should be used of Managing Data as a Strategic Asset. In today’s environment where your organization is accountable for providing full transparency into performance, the expenditure of program dollars and resource utilization, the development of an information management strategy is imperative.

Learn how your program can overcome the information challenge and achieve operational excellence. During the Webcast, you will hear industry experts reveal best practices and highlight technology solutions to help your organization transform your data into a strategic asset including the ability to:

  • Access, integrate, and harmonize data
  • Profile data and assess its quality
  • Improve quality and transform the data
  • Visualize the data and make it accessible to all stakeholders for operational and decision- support use.
  • Empower the management, data governance, data stewardship, and IT groups with industry-leading COTS technology.


  • Bob Palmer, Enterprise Data Management Specialist, SAP

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