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Invest For Growth With SAP CRM Webcast

In these uncertain times, greater focus on the customer has become critical for survival and growth. However, recent economic conditions have compelled many companies to be extremely selective, and in many cases, to eliminate their IT spending. In particular, marketing and sales executives are under increased pressure to reduce spend yet become more collaborative customer advisors and fulfill customer needs at lower cost.
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Join our exciting Webcast to learn how customers are leveraging SAP CRM to gain comprehensive customer insight; to effectively manage sales and marketing activities; to forecast with greater accuracy; and to consistently deliver superior results.

During this informative Webcast, you'll hear from Vinay Iyer, Vice President of Enterprise Marketing, CRM Solutions at SAP, who will share insights from years of collaborating with SAP customers to deliver impactful business solutions. You'll also be given an exciting SAP CRM demonstration presented by Andre Guerrier, senior SAP solution advisor, illustrating how sales and marketing professionals effectively leverage SAP CRM to address their key business challenges.


  • Vinay Iyer, Vice President of Global Marketing, SAP CRM, SAP Americas
  • Andre Guerrier, Solution Advisor, SAP Americas

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