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Building And Benefiting From Closed-Loop Performance Management

Many companies will benefit from implementing one performance-management application- typically, for planning and budgeting. But the real breakthrough comes from building out closed-loop performance management across scorecards, budgeting, and cost management.
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Using this approach, managers can rapidly complete their budgets knowing that capacity is aligned across the operational departments and re-forecasts are quicker and more accurate, giving companies the agility they need to cope with uncertainty. In addition, their expense base is optimized, maximizing profitability and long-term shareholder value.

Watch this on-demand Webcast and learn:

  • Why organizations should consider a holistic approach when they implement performance management applications
  • How they are going about it and the significant benefits it gave them
  • What return on investment you can expect
  • How SAP BusinessObjects enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions enable closed-loop performance management


  • James Fisher, Senior Director of Solution Marketing for Enterprise Performance Management, SAP Americas
  • Steve Wofford, Vice President, Strategic Services, Column 5 Consulting LLC
  • Richard Barrett, Director, Solution Marketing, EPM, SAP

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