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Achieve Operational Excellence Webcast

Join us to see real-world examples of how the SAP MII application has been implemented by Seeit Solutions to help manufacturing companies quickly drive forward in their pursuit of the Perfect Plant.
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Join this free Webcast to see a medley of six real-world case studies featuring companies including Molex, PepsiCo, Metalcraft Enterprises, and more. From your desktop, you will be able to see how long-standing SAP partner, Seeit Solutions, has helped six companies leverage technology, such as the SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) application to achieve operational excellence. The session will cover a variety of applications that can help you improve efficiency by providing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) reporting, quality monitoring, product tracking, planning "boards" and schedule views, utility monitoring, and by empowering mobile plant floor personnel.


  • Kevin Bader, Partner/Director of Manufacturing Intelligence Group, SeeIT
  • David Strothmann, Director, Manufacturing Customer Value Network, SAP

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