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SAP Education Virtual Learning Symposium 2009 Webcast Series

"Why Sustainability as a Strategy Now?" Webcast

During this Webcast "Why Sustainability as a Strategy Now?" industry experts offer best practices for integrating sustainability into your business strategy.
Watch the Webcast

Listen to the discussion on how to:

  • Make the shift from sustainability as a key initiative to a core business strategy
  • Increase profitability by holistically managing the environmental, social, and economical aspects of sustainability
  • Reduce your economic footprint by lowering direct operating costs and improving performance
  • Leverage SAP solutions to reduce regulation-related sustainability risks and maximize opportunities


  • Ph.D. Peter Graf, Executive Vice President & Chief Sustainability Officer, SAP
  • Professor Andrew Hargadon, Innovation Author, University of California, Davis
  • Doug Merritt, Executive Vice President, Premier Customer Network, SAP

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