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Looking Beyond SaaS Webcast -- There's More to Consider When Selecting ERP

You've heard of software as a service (SaaS) as an exciting new technology and business model that gives you access to software over the Internet with low up front costs and ease of deployment. Like many companies, however, you may be wondering whether SaaS applications will work for you and if you should use SaaS for your mission critical applications like ERP.
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You may also question how to choose the right SaaS ERP solution, given all the choices and vendor hype out there.

Find out if SaaS ERP can work for your company.

Join this webcast and learn how:

  • SaaS compares to on-premise and custom options, and the trade-offs you may face;
  • SaaS allows organizations to reap the benefits of enterprise software; and
  • one company selected the right ERP system for its needs and why the availability of trusted ERP skills was a key part of that decision.


  • Neil Stolovitsky, Senior Research Analyst, Technology Evaluation Center (TEC)

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