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How Risk Aware is Your Company Webcast -- Building a Risk Intelligent Enterprise

SAP BusinessObjects and UHY Advisors invite you to view this on-demand Webcast that demonstrates how building a risk intelligent organization can help you increase strategic performance by proactively identifying and mitigating risks across your enterprise.
Watch the Webcast

To become risk-intelligent, organizations must be able to proactively identify, evaluate, and mitigate their risks. However, they must also do this in the context of their business strategies by managing the impact of risk to strategic objectives. This means aligning the strategic and risk management initiatives to ensure that your business operates with the appropriate risk context.

View this on-demand Webcast to learn:

  • The importance of an enterprise risk management program to building risk intelligence
  • Key methodologies and processes to building a risk management program
  • The significance of aligning strategy and risk management
  • Thinking beyond a financial risk perspective-Operational, Workforce, Compliance, and Market risks are also critical
  • How to use technology to enable risk intelligence


  • Dave Anderson, Director Solution Marketing, GRC & EPM , SAP
  • Norman Comstock, Managing Director, UHY Advisors TX LLC

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