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Business Process Management Webcast – Gravity BPM Prototype: SAP’s Collaboration with Google

In this session, we will share with you how BPM can be made more accessible to the general business user. We would like to share with you some of the upcoming technology features that SAP is providing, that can help speed up the adoption of BPM within your organization.
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You will learn about some of the BPM Research work we are advancing with web 2.0 technology from Google, and look at how we can use Adobe forms for better office productivity. We will also take this opportunity to share our customer’s experience with BPM Methodology, and why having the right methodology is important to a sustainable BPM initiative in your organization.


  • BPM Prototype with Gravity (a collaboration with Google)
  • Office Productivity with BPM
  • BPM Methodology – A Case Study


  • Fua Chye Yaw, SAP NetWeaver Platform
  • Dr. Alexander Dreiling, SAP Research, SAP
  • Anita Dawanchya, SAP Business Transformation Consulting, SAP
  • Vijay Subramaniam, SAP Solution Management, SAP

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