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Supply Chain Collaboration and Visibility at Flextronics Webcast

Learn how electronics manufacturing services company Flextronics was able to boost the performance of its complex supply chain. Despite having six business units, more than 200,000 weekly transactions, and a limited budget, Flextronics was able to synchronize its supply chain - including several thousand suppliers. You'll hear directly from Flextronics' supply chain expert Jason Schreiber about his company's key takeaways from its supply chain solution implementation.
Watch the Webcast

If you manage a complex supply chain, this Webcast is for you! View an enlightening discussion about collaborative procurement, supply chain management, and inventory visibility across large and difficult supply chains.

High-tech companies need to extend their enterprise to encompass suppliers as well as contract manufacturers and customers. Discover how Flextronics has been able to achieve supply chain collaboration, execution, and visibility across the enterprise - and how your company can too.

Learn how manufacturers are now able to achieve:

  • Improved visibility into outsourced manufacturing and supply chain operations
  • Increased customer order fulfillment resulting from streamlined work orders and supply chain collaboration
  • Reduced inventory liability thanks to improved visibility into production processes, component consumption, and inventories of finished goods and components


  • Steve Minter, Chief Editor, IndustryWeek
  • Jason Schreiber, Sr. Solution Manager, IT Supply Chain Solutions, Flextronics

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