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Protect Your Profitability Webcast -- Collaborative Supply and Demand Planning

Supply and demand planning has become a crucial part of strategy deployment at manufacturers of all sizes and in all sectors. Leaders are realizing that maintaining a level, predictable fulfillment system protects profitability and positions a company to take quick advantage of growth opportunities.
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Still, many manufacturers struggle with making the proper connections among the many functions and silos within their fulfillment system that enables a level, predictable state. Respondents to the just-completed IndustryWeek Custom Research/SAP research study on collaborative supply and demand planning face many challenges in this area. Specifically:

28% said managing inventory for superior customer responsiveness and flexibility while controlling costs is their top challenge; 20% identified it as their No. 2 challenge; and 12% ranked it as No. 3.

23% identified creating a predictable, stable and uninterrupted flow of activity and materials based on customer demand as their biggest challenge; 21% said in was their No. 2 challenge; and 19% ranked it as No. 3.

The good news is that there is great opportunity to improve performance via more accurate forecasting and more effective inventory management. But improving these functions requires systemwide effort, and this cannot occur without the proper infrastructure to enable constant communication, easily accessed visibility into information and material movement, and tracking and measuring standards and validations.

View this on-demand IndustryWeek-hosted event to:

  • Learn How manufacturers are becoming more responsive -- while controlling costs -- through strategic inventory management.
  • Hear a presentation about this supply and demand planning research from Tonya Vinas, editorial director of the research project.
  • Hear from a manufacturing executive about their company's success in maintaining a level and predictable fulfillment system.


  • Steve Minter, Chief Editor, IndustryWeek
  • Tonya Vinas, Editorial Director, IW/SAP Custom Research Collaborative Supply & Demand Planning Study, SAP
  • Sandy Markin, Senior Director, Suite Solution Management, SAP Labs

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