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Leveraging Profitability Analytics to Reduce Costs Webcast

Companies are facing difficult choices in today's economy. Many are looking at cost-cutting moves, some for the second or third round, to improve profitability. Yet firms struggle to understand how to make those moves without harming long-term core value.
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Commonly, companies resort to across-the-board cost reductions that impact profitable customers disproportionately. During this Webcast you'll learn:

  • How to use multidimensional profitability analytics to identify value-creating versus value-destroying entities
  • How to use that information to expose hidden, non-value-added services that represent a significant drag on earnings - while simultaneously enhancing your ability to create long-term value
  • A case study on a customer that has used profitability analytics effectively


  • Karuna Mukherjea, Solutions Marketing Director, SAP
  • Steve Wofford, Director of Profitability Solutions, Column 5 Consulting LLC

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