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Interactive Dashboards and Visualization for Government Webcast

Join the Webcast to discover how you can leverage BI software to deliver interactive insight to any user when they want it and reduce cost of ownership with a single standardized solution.
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Learn how to extend the reach and maximize the value of your IT solutions. Finally, see how to make decisions based on the most accurate data available and how to turn raw data into insight. Your organization will learn how BI solutions from SAP can help to better cope with change, provide transparency, and make all levels of your organization accountable for spending and project requirements.

During the Webcast, you will learn how data visualization and dashboard solutions can help your organization to:

  • Meet the public's demand for spending transparency
  • Generate self-service access to data, reporting, and provide intuitive information analysis
  • Turn government business insights into effective decisions
  • Customize your dashboard software
  • Interpret information beyond data presentation
  • Access and analyze information through a single interface
  • Personalize, explore, and discuss information easily
  • Transform Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into interactive data visualizations


  • Hunter Downey, Solution Advisor, SAP Americas

Want to learn more? Contact the SAP sales office nearest you.

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