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Efficient Cash Management And Accurate Liabilities In Retail Webcast

Today's economic climate demands that retail corporations manage cash in an optimal manner. With the seasonal nature of the business coupled with rapid merchandise velocity, it is essential all appropriate payment terms are met. It is no longer acceptable to just assume the bills somehow get paid and that every payable activity is the domain of the accounts payable (AP) silo. Equally important is ensuring on-time payments to suppliers to ensure the supplier will provide the goods and services when required.
Watch the Webcast

During this on-demand Webcast presentation, learn how the corporate invoice management process, when done optimally, will drive increased cash flow to your business. Delhaize Group will discuss details on how streamlining accounts payable transformed their business.

View this on-demand Webcast and hear:

  • How to effectively manage retail seasonal variability in AP workload
  • How AP transformation increases available cash while increasing accuracy and on-time payment of invoices
  • How to enhance collaboration between all stakeholders in the AP process regardless of geographic dispersion of process participants


  • Kevin Sterneckert, Research Director, Retail, AMR Research
  • Thomas Walker, Manager, SAP Accounts Payable Solution, Open Text
  • Jean Luc Vandebroek, Director of Finance, Financial Systems, Processes and Compliance, Delhaize Group

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