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Maximizing The Value of Your SAP Operations Center of Excellence Webcast -- Best Practices in Strategies, Design and Methodologies

Join this SAP Services Webcast to discover how an SAP Center of Excellence (CoE) can help you meet the challenges of future growth and deliver greater business value with each new SAP release.
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SAP and ABB Inc. share how a well-designed CoE can help you align and organize labor, improve delivery and operational execution, improve business alignment, determine appropriate resource levels, continuously improve your support processes, manage risk and total cost of ownership, and much more. Plus, you’ll hear how ABB Inc. has scaled its SAP Center of Expertise to support multinational deployments.

SAP and ABB, Inc. share how a well-designed CoE can help you:

  • Align, allocate, source, develop, and organize labor
  • Leverage the Best-Run IT Framework
  • Improve delivery and operational execution by leveraging Run SAP Methodology
  • Improve business alignment
  • Better manage the demand on your SAP support resources
  • Use benchmarking to determine appropriate resource levels
  • Continuously improve your support processes
  • Manage risk and total cost of ownership
  • And much more


  • Daniel Noël, IS Director, NAM SAP Center of Excellence, ABB Inc.
  • Steve Wroblewski, Chief Business Consultant, Business Transformation Consulting, SAP Americas
  • Patrick Bresnan, Director, Operations OptimizationHub, NA, SAP Americas

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