Certified and Supported SAP HANA® Hardware Directory

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The SAP HANA Hardware Directory lists all hardware that has been certified or is supported under the following scenarios:

  • Hardware that has been certified within the SAP HANA hardware certification program
  • Previously validated hardware based on Westmere technology - as reflected earlier in the Product Availability Matrix – PAM.
  • Supported Entry Level Systems: Only Intel Xeon E5 based 2-socket single node systems with minimum 8 cores per CPU and is valid for particular SPS releases

The certification is valid for a particular group of appliances/storage family of the hardware manufacturer wherein multiple models might be included. For further details, like released CPU types, please compare the scenario pages in SCN:

  • SAP HANA Hardware Certification - Appliance (HANA-HWC-AP SU) for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) (see details & disclaimer)
  • SAP HANA Hardware Certification - Appliance (HANA-HWC-AP RH) for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) (see details & disclaimer)
  • SAP HANA Hardware Certification – Enterprise Storage Senario (HANA-HWC-ES) (see details & disclaimer)

Details in the listings are as provided by the Partner on the certification/publishing date. They are subject to change and may be changed by SAP at any time without notice. It is not intended to be binding upon SAP to any particular course of business, product strategy and/or development.

The certification is valid for the stipulated time-period. Any errors in a listing do not result in the right to get support for a particular configuration.

The Supported Entry Level Systems are valid for specific service packs. The hardware was tested by the hardware partner with SAP LinuxLab. The systems are supported for SAP HANA..

For SAP HANA compute nodes memory chips have to be homogeneous, spread across all CPUs symmetrically and providing maximum bandwidth.

The hardware is required to have a valid SAP HANA Hardware certification at the point of purchase by the customer. Once the validity date of the certification has passed, the hardware will continue to be supported by the Partner until the end of maintenance as indicated by the Partner. 

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