Sports & Entertainment

Sports & Entertainment

Taking sports technology to a new level

SAP helps more than 232,000 customers in 24 industries run better. Now, we’re bringing our experience and world-class technology to sports teams, leagues, and venues to help them run faster, smarter and simpler. Our new solutions are designed to deepen fan engagement, drive on-field performance, and optimize business efficiency.

Fan Engagement

Put the fan first

For true fans, the season is 365 days long. And for today’s fans, it’s 24/7, too. Today’s best run teams are using fan insights to power a new class of personalized, immersive experiences, delivered on fans’ mobile devices, online, and in the stadium, to bring fans closer to the action than ever before.

The NBA Brings Advanced Stats to Millions

Hear NBA Executive Vice President Steve Hellmuth explain how SAP HANA is helping the league bring advanced statistics for every NBA game, team and player to millions of fans around the world.

Fan Analytics

Superior fan engagement starts with truly understanding your fans. SAP can help you gain deep insights into fan behavior from massive volumes of data and build 360-degree profiles of each fan, so you can deliver truly personalized experiences that increase fan engagement and drive lasting team loyalty.

Social and Sentiment Analysis

When your fans have something to say today, they’re taking it to social media. And social networks can help a message go viral in a heartbeat. But do you have your finger on the pulse of your fanbase? By analyzing what fans are saying in real-time, you can always stay one step ahead and react quickly to emerging trends in fan sentiment.

Precision Marketing and Loyalty

They cheer on your team year in and year out. Through wins and losses. Through thick and thin. Recognize your fans with loyalty programs that deliver special rewards, targeted offers and access to unique fan experiences. And use your programs to build loyalty with new fans and turn them into fans for a lifetime.

Team Performance

Give your team an edge

The success of any sports franchise starts with putting a great product on the field. SAP can help you apply leading-edge technology to the challenge of building a championship team with solutions designed to improve your ability to identify, acquire and develop the talent that drives on-field success.

The 49ers Build a Better Team with SAP

Hear San Francisco 49ers COO Paraag Marathe speak about their collaboration with SAP on the development of SAP Scouting, a solution that helps the 49ers’ player personnel department identify the talent it takes to build a championship team.

Scouting and Player Evaluation

Championship teams are built one player at a time. But how do you find the players that will become champions? SAP can help you improve your scouting process, apply advanced analytics in player evaluation and provide you with a platform that lets you continuously refine your ability to identify and acquire the best talent.

Player Performance Analytics

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. By closely tracking and analyzing team performance, you can identify areas for improvement and discover underutilized players that could be making a greater contribution to the team. You’ll be able to quickly spot trends in performance and use these insights to drive key strategic and personnel decisions.

Salary Cap Management

When you compete in a league with a salary cap, it’s essential that you allocate your resources wisely. You need to closely align your spending with the value each player brings to your team. And you need to spend judiciously, in accordance with a short and long-term strategy that lets you field your best team today, while retaining the flexibility to build for tomorrow.

Revenue Growth

Make gameday more profitable

Every game day should be a win for your team. SAP and our network of partners can help you streamline key systems into a scalable enterprise platform that gives you real-time visibility into the performance of ticketing, concessions and merchandising and helps you optimize profit from the opening whistle to the final buzzer.

Mannheim Adler Tracks Revenue in Real Time

Find out how Mannheim Adler is working with SAP to strengthen fan engagement, generate deep insights into fan behavior and monitor business performance in real time.

Ticketing and Yield

It’s not just about putting people in the seats. It’s about putting the right people in the right seats. SAP offers a comprehensive ticketing solution that directly integrates with your mission critical business systems and helps your organization get the most value out of each seat in the stadium.

Maximizing Concession Sales

For many fans, concessions are a key part of the gameday experience. For teams, they are an important lever for improving that experience and a vital source of gameday revenue. SAP can help you maximize their contribution to your business by enabling you to improve supplier performance, optimize inventory and increase resource utilization.

Integrated Point-of-Sale

Point-of-sale solutions from SAP not only help you speed up sales and keep the cash registers ringing. They integrate deeply into your business systems, so you can see the impact an event, product, or even an individual fan has on your business – and understand why they’re ringing. These powerful insights can help you tune your business for maximum performance.

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Unprecedented Technology in Sports

From the cheap seats to the huddle and everywhere in between, learn how SAP is bringing unprecedented technology to the world of sports.

SAP for Sports & Entertainment

Learn how SAP is bringing together cloud, mobile, analytics and SAP HANA in-memory technology to deliver a competitive edge in sports and entertainment.


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