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Discover SAP Mobile Platform

Rapidly build and deploy innovative apps – on premise or in the cloud – with our open, standards-based mobile application development platform (MADP). SAP Mobile Platform makes it easy to offer user-centric mobile apps that work on any mobile device and engage customers and employees – for improved operations, increased loyalty, and reduced support costs.

A new way to build innovative, user-focused apps

See how easy it can be to build user-centric mobile apps that your employees, partners, and customers will love – using the powerful capabilities of SAP Mobile Platform 3.0.

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Achieve your objectives

Offer amazing mobile experiences

Achieve your business objectives

Mobility is clearly here to stay, and so are the endless business opportunities it presents: from innovative new business models to increased engagement with customers to greater productivity and efficiencies. SAP Mobile Platform can help you take advantage of all mobile has to offer – with secure, consistent mobile access to back-end systems, perfect visibility into usage and operations, and dramatically reduced development time.

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Overcoming mobile app obstables

Leap over hurdles related to mobile app development with the most open, standards-based mobile application development platform – and rapidly design cost-effective, innovative mobile apps.

Unify and Simplify Mobile Projects

Nearly 50% of organizations will invest in mobile apps, devices, and mobile device management solutions over the next 12-18 months, but not all will have a mobile strategy in place to support their efforts. Learn why implementing an end-to-end mobile solution set is key to ensuring successful deployment projects.

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Rich and Personalized App Development

Bolstering its commitment to an open partner and developer ecosystem, SAP is collaborating with Xamarin to provide developers with mobile app development frameworks. Watch this short video to see how this collaboration promotes more efficient, cost-effective development on the market-leading SAP Mobile Platform.

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Implementing a Mobile Strategy

Before you get started on your mobility journey, it’s crucial that you develop the right mobile strategy to quickly and effectively guide you to success. Discover the three critical building blocks for implementing a sound mobile strategy: preparation, discovery and assessment, and planning and design.

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Mobile App Development

A custom user experience

Deliver customized mobile experience to your users

Want to deliver a more personalized user experience (UX)? We can help. SAP provides partners and customers with numerous support programs to help you create customized apps on the SAP Mobile Platform – quickly and easily – then sell them through the SAP Store. Hear more about our programs.

SAP Mobile Innovation Program

Hear how the SAP Mobile Innovation program can help you identify and solve rapidly evolving mobility challenges in innovative ways – so you can deliver amazing, engaging mobile experiences.

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Innovate Through Collaboration

Mobile innovation has the power to transform your business, but it can also add complexity and create distractions. How can you take advantage of the opportunities – while filtering out the noise? Learn how our proven process focuses on innovation, collaboration, and a deep appreciation for the user to help you do just that.

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Provide a Mobile-First Customer Experience

In order to offer mobile experiences to their customers, insurance companies face strict regulatory requirements. Learn how MSG Global is leveraging the SAP Mobile Platform through the SAP PartnerEdge for Application Development Program – to deliver secure, amazing, and compliant mobile consumer apps for the insurance industry.

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Mobile App Challenge for Partners

SAP and its ecosystem have diversified the PartnerEdge for Application Development program. Find out about some of the exciting new partner incentives offered through this mobile group – including the Mobile App Challenge. Watch this interview with Platform Ecosystems VP Thorsten Leiduck and SAP eChannels for details.

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Explore customer testimonials

Explore mobile apps that drive business results

Discover how the SAP Mobile Platform is helping customers – of all sizes and backgrounds, across all industries – tap into the power of mobile and transform their businesses. Check out these customer testimonial videos to hear how.

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Hear how this outsourcing maintenance company is using SAP Mobile Platform to give techs real-time, mobile access to data on the shop floor – dramatically saving time and money.

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A Partnership Built on Open Standards

An active player in the mobile market, MSC Mobile combines their experience with SAP’s to deliver amazing mobile apps to their customers. Watch this short interview to learn more about this partnership built on open standards.

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Provide information at the point of service

Discover how CareFusion, a global medical technology company, is focusing on patient safety with help from SAP. Now technicians have reliable access to key information at the point of service through SAP mobile solutions.

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Empowering the unbanked

Hear how Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society is using the SAP Mobile Platform to offer a seamless, personalized, and contextually relevant experience to its million plus members. Giving them faster, easier, and more convenient banking services.

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Analyst Reports

What analysts are saying

Read what the analysts are saying

SAP is widely acknowledged as a leader in enterprise mobility not only by customers but also by technology analyst firms such as Gartner. Read the latest analyst reports to learn why SAP mobile solutions and platform have been recognized for delivering real business impact.

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SAP Mobile Platform Developer Center

Visit the SAP Mobile Platform Developer Center to get access to free trials, the SDK and other resources to start on your mobile strategy.

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SAP Mobile Academy

Explore the SAP Mobile Academy – a free tutorial site with informative videos on hot app development topics like app wrapping and signing.