Engage customers like never before.

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It takes more than a few apps to be a customer-centric company

It takes a lot to connect with today's customers. You need insight to predict what customers want and deliver it before they've asked for it. You need to provide an unrivaled customer experience. And you need to do your job with perfect execution.

Insight, experience, execution. That's what it takes to be a customer-centric company. And that's what you get with SAP customer engagement solutions.

"We have such a huge focus on our customers."

T-Mobile knows that great service involved listening, engaging, and responding to customers. Learn how T-Mobile achieves a 15% increase in productivity while providing an awesome customer experience.

Real Customer Insight

Real Customer Insight

Increase your customer IQ

Don't settle for customers. Aim for evangelists. How? By knowing who your customers are, what they like, and what others like them like—often before they do. Unlock the value of your customer data with SAP. Whether you market, sell, or service, deep customer intelligence leads to deeper customer relationships.

"Re-think the way your business engages customers."

For marketing, sales, and service, better customer engagement starts with better customer intelligence. Enter the SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence suite of applications, powered by SAP HANA. Watch the video to learn more.

Social intelligence, gone global

Shape the conversations that shape your brand. SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase turns billions of global social media conversations into real-time dashboard insights. See what people are saying and decide how to engage with them.

Strategic selling, anytime anywhere

Start engaging with customers on their terms. SAP Cloud for Sales gives reps deep sales intelligence on any device, at any time. Understand your customers' unique challenges and bring them new approaches to achieving their goals.

Customer service, unleashed

Turn service into a competitive differentiator. SAP Cloud for Social Engagement and SAP Cloud for Service give you the ability to resolve issues on time, the first time. Monitor trends to enhance the performance of your service business and engage customers to create amazing experiences.

Amazing Experiences

Amazing Experiences

Surprise and delight the omni-channel customer

Customers today expect a consistent, delighftul experience, whether they are shopping online, engaging with you on social media, or visiting your store. Exceed their expectations—making every touchpoint with your brand personalized, easy, and relevant. Turn omni-channel customers into omni-channel evangelists with marketing, retail, and loyalty management solutions from SAP.

"It feels like magic."

The best experience we can have with technology is when it disappears – gets out of the way. See what happens when hybris, an SAP company, makes window shopping an incredible and engaging experience.

Connect with shoppers, 1:1

Delight your customers with targeted offers at their point of decision. SAP Precision Marketing, powered by SAP HANA, helps you connect with customers instantly using consumer and location data. Increase basket size by helping consumers save time and money.

Win at the shelf, every time

Consistent retail execution is key to creating a positive consumer experience. SAP Cloud for Sales Retail Execution goes beyond CRM, giving retail sales reps the on-the-spot, real-time information they need to get the right product in the right place at the right time.

Give loyal customers more

Keep your best customers coming back. SAP 360 Customer for Marketing makes it easy for marketers to create and manage multichannel loyalty programs. Don’t just reward customers with loyalty points. Give them a seamless, effortless experience with your loyalty program, no matter which channel they use to engage with you.

Flawless Execution

Flawless Execution

Make processes effortless, make everyone happy

The backbone of engagement is perfect execution of business processes across marketing, sales, and service. If it's hard for your team to check inventory, take an order, or respond to an inquiry, they won't do it. And you risk losing your customer. SAP gives your teams a beautiful user experience, easy-to-use tools, and the ability to work anywhere, easily. Your customers will see the difference.

"Wow. This new SAP is really amazing."

The BOA Group, Rieber, and the Nebraska Book Company value customer-centricity – so they're giving their employees the tools they need to get their jobs done with accuracy, efficiency, and ease. Hear their stories.

Get social

Today's workforce wants to collaborate with each other, with their peers and partners, with customers, and even with competitors. SAP Jam is an enterprise social network solution that connects your people with processes, conversations, information, and data. Better collaboration connects everyone to the common cause of serving the customer.

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Be efficient to be effective

Effective selling, marketing, and service requires an efficient approach to processes and tasks. With SAP Cloud for Sales, your salespeople can quickly access customer information, easily manage accounts, and happily stay focused on what they do best: helping customers achieve their business objectives.

Drive adoption

Empower your teams with tools they'll love to use. SAP offers cloud-based mobility, a consumer-grade user interface, and total visibility into the entire customer journey. So whether you want to make more marketing impressions, close more sales, or resolve more service issues, your team has tools that make it easy for them to get the job done.

Beyond apps

Beyond apps

Connect your whole business to the customer

Whether you're contacting a lead or collecting on an invoice, you need to deliver a great customer experience. That means considering how your engagement technologies fit into the overall landscape of your systems. With SAP, you can take advantage of the right mix of technologies to extend your investments, enable innovative processes, and stay connected to the customer at every step of the way.

"Let people collaborate better."

Hear how 3M uses SAP to enhance visibility across all departments so that teams can more effectively solve problems for their customers.

See your customers in 3D

Game-changing customer engagement requires a multi-dimensional view of your customer. SAP HANA turns huge volumes of customer data from multiple sources into real-time insights you can use to deliver a more personal and positive customer experience.

Cross departmental divides

A fragmented business creates a bumpy customer experience. SAP makes it easy for you to integrate SAP Cloud solutions with SAP ERP—and even non-SAP systems. Sales can quote prices without calling someone. Service can access the answers they need. And the customer experience can be seamless, the way it should be.

Be flexible

Teams within your organization might have different business models, different missions, and different technology needs. SAP offers a range of public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise solutions, so your teams can focus on solving your business problems and serving customers, not on adapting to a solution that doesn't fit.

Our Advocates

Our Advocates

SAP is honored to provide customer engagement solutions to some of the world’s biggest brands.



The Cloud Built for Business

The Cloud Built for Business

Today’s cloud is about driving business innovation and agility, enabling new processes and insights that were previously impossible. And SAP‘s Cloud Portfolio is specifically designed to help companies like yours do just this.

True customer engagement demands a seamless, connected and powerful suite of solutions that span the entire customer journey. And it includes more than just apps. SAP’s cloud portfolio is uniquely designed to provide your company with the tools necessary to enable new processes and insights that allow you to engage with your customers like never before and deliver them to new worlds of excellence.

Boost Your People Power

Empower your people to take charge of their performance and their careers. Optimize HR operations across geographies, organizations, and employee types. And drive workforce strategies with insights and confidence.

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Lead in the Networked Economy

Ariba makes business commerce as easy as consumer commerce, helping companies like yours thrive in the Networked Economy. With our industry-leading cloud apps, you can discover, connect, and collaborate with partners, and prospects from around the world.

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Shape the Cloud to Fit Your Business

Take advantage of the most comprehensive cloud computing portfolio available – with solutions that plug and play into your existing environment. See why 33+ million users depend on SAP Cloud, with some of the world’s largest implementations.

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The SAP Cloud Difference

SAP has deep experience serving over 33 million cloud users, with some of the world’s largest cloud implementations. Our solutions offer an unparalleled user experience − all built for mobile, and all leveraging the industry expertise from more than 251,000 SAP customers in 191 countries across 25 industries. And best of all, you get the flexibility to consume the cloud when and how you want.

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