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What does it take to spark true innovation?

In today’s ultra-connected world, insight is no longer a single light bulb that switches on. It’s the result of constant engagement with employees, customers, and partners.

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The best people need the best tools.

T-Mobile turns prospects into promoters, achieving a 95% resolution rate making it easier to listen, engage and respond.

It’s an exploration, development & deployment cloud

Discover how Danone is exploring new markets and opportunities in the digital world – while rapidly developing and deploying consumer-friendly applications with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

Manufacturer simplifies and improves business

Hear how the Timken Company, a global manufacturer, has reduced their focus on integration, reduced IT focus on supplier management, and increased their focus on customer deliverables.

The Predictive Business

The Predictive Business

Predict, Identify & Execute

To get and stay ahead of the competition you must not only address the present, but also see the future and proactively shape it to your advantage.

See how the cloud is enabling the predictive business — and how it can improve your ability to predict the future with accuracy, identify actions that give you the best chance for success, and execute on them before anyone else.

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When real-time is no longer good enough...

The pace of business continues to accelerate. Learn what you need to do so that you're not just planning the next move — but the next three moves — on your business chessboard.

What is the Predictive Business

In today’s fast-paced business world, companies really need to be able to predict the future with confidence, assess the right response, and then have agile organizations and systems to stay ahead of the competition.

If you’re looking 5 years ahead you’re already behind

See how Brookshire Grocery is transitioning from today’s reality to tomorrow’s opportunity with help from LEARN – their learning, empowerment, and resource network powered by SAP solutions.

The Future of Work

The Future of Work

Collaboration without boundaries

Gone are the days of working in isolation. Today you need to reach across silos, engage with co-workers, customers and partners, and go well beyond the rule book to solve even the thorniest problems.

This new way of working requires a new level of collaboration – one that’s embedded directly into your business processes. Make collaboration a way of life and gain real competitive advantage.

View video: What Will the Future of Work Look Like?

Social collaboration meets field training

See how team members from Sun Communities are using SAP Jam to share knowledge with peers in the field. And learn how new employees are engaged on day one with the training they need.

He who connects - wins

The Networked Economy

He who connects - wins

No company is an island. Companies that connect and collaborate through networks outperform their peers. In fact, McKinsey and Company reports, “Networked enterprises were 50% more likely than their peers to have increased sales, higher profit margins, gain market share, and be a market leader.” See how you can tap into the largest trading community on the planet to pull ahead of your competitors.

View Oxford Economics connectivity infographic.

Networks that drive net worth

While talk about networks might bring to mind technology, they are ultimately about people – how they connect, collaborate, and achieve goals. So how connected are you? Discover some of the latest thinking on business networks and how the cloud can help you reach your goals [with this infographic called, “Journey to the Networked Economy”]

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Is Ariba the Facebook for business?

Hear how the Ariba Network is bringing simplicity and connectedness to business. As the world’s largest and most global business network, it helps over a million companies in 190 countries transact more than a half-trillion dollars in commerce per year. See what you can achieve when community meets commerce.

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Thoughts on the Future of Business

Networks for trading and collaboration are transforming business as dramatically as the assembly line did. Learn more about the three areas where companies can realize enormous benefits from participating in business networks.

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The SAP Cloud Difference

SAP Cloud

The SAP Cloud Difference

SAP has deep experience serving over 35 million cloud users, with some of the world’s largest cloud implementations. Our solutions offer an unparalleled user experience - all built for mobile, and all leveraging the industry expertise from more than 253,000 SAP customers in 191 countries across 25 industries. And best of all, you get the flexibility to consume the cloud when and how you want.

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