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Technology can help improve people’s lives

Since a hungry hunter-gatherer fashioned the first stone tool, technology has been enriching human life. Today, it has the power to effect positive change on an epic scale. Technology can connect people who were once isolated. Generate new sources of wealth. Help protect our environment. Empower us to innovate in ways never before possible. It is revolutionizing the way we work, live, and play.

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How do you innovate and grow? Run simple.

Complexity can strangle even the most cherished business dream – if endless conference calls, spreadsheets, and a focus on “what is doable” rather than “what is possible” prevail. According to SAP CEO Bill McDermott, it’s time to get back to running simple. The key? Empathy will line the path to simple and technology will enable it.

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Social Impact

Social Impact

It’s a good time to do great things

Innovators – here is your chance to make a real difference. With help from technologies like mobile, cloud, in-memory computing, and advanced analytics, you can invent new ways to tackle some of the world’s biggest social challenges. See how organizations are harnessing the power of technology to help fight poverty, provide more efficient disaster relief, beat cancer, and more.

Saving the world is good business

It’s no longer a viable business strategy to look the other way as a billion people worldwide are under-nourished or lack access to clean water. By harnessing the latest technology, smart leaders are proving that sustainable practices can transform old models into new, socially conscious ones that win and grow.

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17 million meals in 900 square miles

When Hurricane Sandy hit with deadly and destructive force, the American Red Cross needed a flexible communication system that could give them immediate access to their humanitarian supply chain. How did the Ariba Network help them mobilize the distribution of shelter, food, and relief teams across 10 states?

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Genome analysis in 20 minutes?

Hear how MKI found a way to reduce wait times for cancer diagnostic results – from several days down to 20 minutes – by improving their genomics analysis performance by over 400,000 times with SAP HANA. Learn more about how genetic data can be used to revolutionize cancer treatment worldwide – cost-effectively.

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Green is the new black

Sustainable business practices not only help protect our planet’s resources – but they can also help protect the bottom line. See how our customers are leveraging technology to reduce energy consumption, lower CO2 emissions, protect green space, and harness renewable energy sources – while complying with regulatory requirements and protecting their brands.

Greening a city one tree at a time

See how Pune – the sixth-largest and fastest-growing city in India – is capturing key information about the city’s trees using a mobile app developed on SAP Mobile Platform. As a result, Pune is increasing the number of trees in its urban areas – making the city greener and cleaner.

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Harnessing nature’s energy

In Germany, more than 30% of energy now comes from renewable sources – compared to 10% just five years ago. Companies like MVV Energie AG are leading the way. By analyzing enormous amounts of data about weather, pricing, and consumer patterns, they can respond to customer needs – despite the whims of nature.

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Sustainability + Operational Excellence

Executives from top companies such as Sony, General Electric, and UPS are using data-driven sustainability techniques to achieve operational excellence. Read about their experiences in this report from Bloomberg Businessweek Research Services (BBRS).

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Smarter, bigger, faster – better sports

Every play, every day, in every way, technology is helping teams hone their winning edge and make sport more engaging for fans. The NBA is giving fans unprecedented access to interactive stats. The NFL 49ers are developing a unique scouting solution. And McLaren Mercedes’ Formula 1 team uses data to design faster cars. What difference does a fraction of a second make? In Formula 1 – everything.

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If watching every game still isn’t enough b-ball...

Discover how the NBA is empowering its millions of fans worldwide to interact with easy-to-understand statistics from every game, team, and player – with the help of SAP HANA.

The 49ers score an end-to-end scouting solution

Hear how this NFL team is working with SAP to quickly harmonize data from multiple sources. They can now pull up fast, accurate, real-time data – on any player at any time.



Predict and shape the future now

The digital world is creating a permanent record of every click, touch, text, post, drive, flight, call, photo, purchase, and payment generated on our planet. When analyzed, this data reveals patterns, pictures, connections, and trends that can help you improve business performance by predicting the future with astonishing accuracy. Welcome to the Age of Predictive Business.

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Every six seconds a pair of shoes sells on eBay

Hear how SAP HANA helps eBay detect clear, accurate signals within their 50-petabyte system – and keep 30,000 new bidders per day happy and bidding.

What if real time isn’t soon enough?

The best time to learn about a major opportunity, or a serious challenge, is before it happens – when you can do something about it. See how to predict your company’s future.

Connecting with end customers

One of the world’s largest providers of healthy foods, Danone is now reaching consumers directly – thanks to the empowering technology of SAP HANA Cloud.

How to Lead

How to Lead

Inspire your people to dream, learn, do

Leading is part art and part science. It requires both vision and action. Smart leaders listen to their customers. They engage with employees. And they take full advantage of the tools available – to pinpoint trends in massive amounts of data, analyze opportunities in an instant, adjust their course as market circumstances shift, and innovate on the fly.

Start with a dream

How do you become an entrepreneur? How do you spark innovation? According to SAP CEO Bill McDermott, you need to start with a dream. Hear from Bill along with millennial entrepreneurs about their secrets to success.

How to Lead

SAP CEO McDermott bets on millennial leaders

According to Bill McDermott, it’s wise to bet on leaders in their 20’s or early 30’s who may be more in touch with emerging trends than their older counterparts. Discover how to unleash the talent of this new generation – and learn what SAP is doing to nurture the careers of young professionals.

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How to Lead

Unleash the best technology

When you’re looking for technologies to rev up your business, don’t let buzzwords get in the way. In this practical article, Bill McDermott gives simple explanations for the hottest technology trends – and spells out the business value that customers expect.

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