The SAP Benchmark Council

Established in 1995, the SAP Benchmark Council monitors all benchmarking activities and provides standards for publishing benchmark results in the SAP environment. Representatives of SAP and technology partners, such as hardware and database vendors involved in benchmarking, make up the SAP Benchmark Council.

On behalf of the SAP Benchmark Council, SAP defines and controls the content of the benchmarks and establishes rules that determine the testing procedure during benchmarking. Technology partners submit the benchmark results to SAP for certification. There are a number of rules and guidelines that must be followed to obtain a certification. The certificate is the basis for any benchmark publication by the technology partners.

Some of the benchmark rules include:

  • The average dialog response time must be below one second
  • Each Benchmark User must have a fixed think time of ten seconds
  • The tested hardware and the release combination of operating system, database, and SAP releases must be generally available for customers within six months after the certification of the benchmark
  • The following SAP software settings can be changed during benchmarking:
    ---The number of instances
    ---The number of dialog work processes
    ---The number of update processes
    ---The size of SAP buffers

In general, only those tuning features are allowed that can also be used and applied in a productive customer installation.

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