Supply Network Planning (SNP)

The Supply Network Planning (SNP) Benchmark is one of three benchmarks in the SAP APO Benchmark suite. SAP APO enables organizations to create a very close match between supply and demand by integrating purchasing, manufacturing, distribution, and transportation into one consistent model. By modeling the entire supply network and related constraints, SAP APO is able to synchronize activities and plan material flow throughout the entire supply chain. The results are feasible plans for purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, and transportation.

SAP APO also includes functionality to enable organizations to dynamically determine how and when inventory should be distributed. The system draws on the data universally available in liveCache to optimize deployment plans based on available algorithms, as well as user rules and policies. In the benchmark, we use mass processing, which allows you to run the heuristic planning for large numbers of product-location combinations, with mass processing jobs running concurrently in the background.

Benchmark Results

Two-tier Internet configuration, SAP APO 3.0

Benchmark Description

This benchmark covers the demand of the distribution centers (DC) that has been created by the demand planning run. The benchmark covers three layers:

  • The DCs that have the demand
  • Plants that produce the materials needed
  • Suppliers to the plants

For example, our supply network contains 20 suppliers, 10 plants, 10 distribution centers, and 250 transportation lanes. We assume 93 raw products and 10,000 finished products. In total, there are 120,093 location products. Each plant manufactures 2,000 finished products. At each DC, all 10,000 products are available.

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