POS Inbound

The POS Inbound Benchmark measures the throughput of the point-of-sale (POS) interface-inbound for aggregated sales data. This is a critical time process in a real business scenario. The data will be ported to materials management, sales and distribution, or financials and is the basis for replenishment.

Benchmark Results

POS Inbound, SAP Retail Releases 4.0B - 4.5B

User Interaction Steps

  • 0. Logon
  • 1. Main screen
  • 2. Call /nWPUK (POS simulation: selection)
  • 3. Choose Aggregated sales
  • 4. Choose Settings
  • 5. Choose Repeats
  • 6. Enter data and choose Continue
  • 7. Choose Save
  • 8. Choose IDOC status
  • 9. Choose Continue
  • 10. Call /nend
  • 11. Confirm log off

User interaction steps 2 - 9 are repeated n times (eight user interaction steps).
Sales data line items per loop = 96; posted documents = inventory management, billing, financials

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