Human Resources - Payroll (HR)

'In contrast to online benchmarks, the Human Resources - Payroll (HR) Benchmark is a report with variants that is run as a batch job on the basis of events. The report, called RPCALCD0, exercises the German payroll program.

Benchmark Results

Two-tier Internet configuration, SAP R/3 Enterprise Releases 4.6C - 4.70


While the procedure for this report is complex, the following features can provide insight into its underlying business processes. Starting with the personal number and the payroll period, the report runs through these transactions in the German payroll program:

  • Basic data
  • Last payroll results
  • Capital formation
  • Company pension plan
  • Net payments/deductions and transfers
  • Final processing

The benchmark run has the following procedure:

  • 1. Two users log on to the system.
  • 2. The first user resets the data.
  • 3. When the high-load phase of the run has come to an end (when the first batch process has come to an end), the first user logs off.
  • 4. The second user waits until all processes have finished and then triggers the evaluation before logging off.

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