Employee Self-Service Portal (EP-ESS)

The Employee Self-Service Portal (EP-ESS) Benchmark is part of the SAP Standard Application Benchmark suite for SAP NetWeaver Portal. The suite consists of two representative business cases that are highly visible in the market and allow for the testing of high numbers of concurrent users on the portal. Each scenario is a standard application benchmark in its own right and can be run separately.

Benchmark Results

Two-tier Internet configuration, SAP NetWeaver Portal 6.0 and 7.0

The EP-ESS Benchmark uses the Business Package for Employee Self-Service. EP-ESS provides a number of iViews that allow employees to create, display, and change their own data, such as department, name, address, and more in the SAP R/3 back-end system. This benchmark focuses on concurrent users with the employee role (workset Employee Self-Service) and their top-level navigation behavior in the portal. From a technical point of view, this benchmark tests the performance of the portal platform (running on the SAP NetWeaver Java stack), while launching business transactions. The back-end influence on the performance has been omitted.

User Interaction Steps of the EP-ESS Benchmark

  • 1. Log on to the portal – Welcome page (includes three iViews)
  • 2. Choose Working Time —> Record Working Time
  • 3. Choose Leave Request
  • 4. Choose Leave Request Overview
  • 5. Choose Personal Information —> Personal Data
  • 6. Choose Address
  • 7. Choose Bank Information
  • 8. Choose Benefits and Payment —> Paycheck Inquiry
  • 9. Log off from portal

Seven different business transactions are launched per loop (steps 2 - 8). Every loop is repeated n times. The user think time is 10 seconds; thus, one loop takes at least 70 seconds.

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