Customer Care and Services (ISU/CCS)

The Customer Care and Service (ISU/CCS) Benchmark simulates typical processes in a utilities company. The core business processes can be divided into two main processes: consumption and revenue collection. For the consumption process, three batch jobs are utilized for collecting information – meter-reading orders have to be created and printed, and the results have to be uploaded into the system. To collect revenues, additional batch jobs – billing the customer, invoicing, and printing the bill – produce load on the system.

Benchmark Results

Customer Care and Service - SAP IS-U/CCS Releases 1.2B - 4.64

Benchmark Description

The throughput of the ISU/CCS Benchmark is measured in Utilities Reference Customers (URC) per hour. A URC is the specific representation of a typical customer of a utility company in the ISU/CCS data model. In terms of this data model, a URC consists of one business partner with one contract account and two contracts.

For each contract there is one installation with one device.

The throughput unit URCs per hour describes how many URCs can be processed in one hour, assuming optimal usage of time. URC Processing consists of:

  • Creating meter reading orders
  • Outputting meter reading orders
  • Uploading meter reading results
  • Billing
  • Invoicing
  • Printing the bill

The system settings are equivalent to the HR (Payroll) Benchmark.

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