Mixed Load (BI-XML)

The mixed load scenario is one use of the Business Intelligence capabilities of SAP NetWeaver. In this scenario, query activity and load/update activity are executed in parallel. Multiple users run queries on data in 10 SD InfoCubes. You can choose from the following size categories for the initial data load:

  • 300 million records
  • 1000 million records
  • 3000 million records

In three phases during high load activity, static operational data is extended with delta data.

The key figure of this benchmark is the number of query navigation steps/hour.

The BI mixed load benchmark can be run with or without BI Accelerator.

Benchmark Results

BI-MXL Internet configuration, SAP NetWeaver 7.0, with BI Accelerator BI-MXL Internet configuration, SAP NetWeaver Release 2004s, SAP NetWeaver 7.0, without BI Accelerator


The following actions are simulated in an SD InfoCube. Three times during the benchmark run (total 1 hour), a delta data package is uploaded. The total size of these packages is 1/1000th of the total records of the initial load

  • 1. Query 1: Select a year
  • 2. Within the year, drill down to a specific country
  • 3. Within the country, drill down to a specific sales organization
  • 4. Within the sales organization, drill down to distribution channel
  • 5. Within the distribution channel, drill down to type, version, and material number
  • 6. Change material number and customer number
  • 7. Start new query including formulas
  • 8. Query 2: Start a new query that retrieves the yearly and quarterly sales volumes for different types of ranges, e.g. sales organizations
  • 9. Query 3: Similar to query 1 for country, sales organization, and distribution channel
  • 10. Within this query, expand to material level two
  • 11. Expand to level three

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