SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer (SAP APO) - Demand Planning (DP)

The Demand Planning Benchmark is one of three benchmarks in the SAP APO Benchmark suite. Demand planning enables supply chain partners to forecast and plan demand in consideration of historical demand data, causal factors, marketing events, market intelligence, and sales objectives. Results from the planning process can be automatically fed to other nodes of the supply chain.

Benchmark Results

Two-tier Internet configuration, SAP APO Releases 3.0 - 3.1 Three-tier Internet configuration, SAP APO 3.1

Benchmark Description

In the benchmark, we use mass processing, which allows you to create demand forecasts for large numbers of products, while optimizing system resources. All mass processing jobs run concurrently in the background.

For the Demand Planning Benchmark, we assume that each of 2,000 customers buys 500 products, resulting in 1 million characteristic combinations (2,000 customers times 500 products). As demand planning considers the last two years to plan for the next two years, the total number of time buckets (weeks) is 208 (4 times 52). Therefore, the total number of data records considered is 208 million. The number of automatically aggregated characteristic combinations (combinations of products and distribution centers) is 100,000. (All products are available in each distribution center.) The results of the benchmark are demand figures that result in actual demand.

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