Big Data Analytics for the Public Sector

The public sector is emerging as the single largest producer and consumer of big data and will benefit greatly from the innovations SAP delivers.

Modern analytical tools powered by the SAP HANA platform can help agencies exploit the opportunity of big data by empowering users to access information anywhere, adapt to changing conditions, more accurately predict outcomes and, ultimately, make better decisions. Analytics tools are now much more intuitive and powerful, and they are no longer the domain of a select few data analysts and scientists. Instead, real-time analytics presented in easy-to-digest visual form are now available for all stakeholders.

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Case Study: City of Boston
SAP Public Sector News

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Federal Government

Provide the guidance and oversight needed to support federal government operations. SAP can help you meet the daily needs of your citizens as well as during times of adverse social, economic, or natural disasters.

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State & Local Government

Are you competing for federal funds, while dealing with an array of social and economic issues? SAP can help you meet increasing federal compliance requirements and citizen demands for improved services.

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Defense & Security

Increase mission effectiveness while mitigating operational risk. SAP can help you meet managed readiness targets, despite unpredictable conditions – and get the most value from your required materials.

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Education & Research

Boost student performance while streamlining the management of operations and finance. Whether you're with a school district, university or research institution, SAP can help you enable leadership and learning.

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